Catching up with the Jones.


Kolton Jones is a recent graduate from Western Kentucky University. Even though he has a degree in physics and studied wireless energy transfer, he believes it is important for everyone—especially scientists such as himself—to know English and its workings. Mr. Jones is 25 years old and graduated in May 2014. Continue reading

A Little Bit Lost?

Hey, fiction writers and wanna-be fiction writers!! You should know about this!! Adi Alsaid will be on campus!!

Who is Adi Alsaid? Mr. Alsaid is an author. He’s going to be at WKU this Thursday, September the 18th to talk about his new book, Let’s Get Lost. The times and locations for his time here at WKU are;

Intermediate Fiction with McCaffrey
11:10-12:30 Thursday in Cherry Hall 001

Intermediate Fiction with Bell
2:20-3:40 Thursday in Cherry Hall 019

A big thanks to Dr. Molly McCaffrey for letting the EMW know about this event!! So, what are you waiting for? THE 18th OBVIOUSLY!! GO SEE ADI ALSAID ON THE 18TH!!!

Where Will You Go?

As many of you English Majors know, the university has been pushing the Study Abroad programs pretty hard — and with good reason. The Study Abroad program offers plenty of opportunities for real-world experiences. I myself can do no justice to the program since I am only a study abroad hopeful, not a veteran. But there are plenty of people to ask about the experience. I will list a couple resources for you to peruse at your world-wandering leisure.

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The Writing Center


Do you have a research paper you want revised? Are semicolons and colons confusing to you? Or maybe you just want to bounce ideas off someone?

The Writing Center in Cherry Hall—room 123—offers these services and many more. Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s better to make an appointment with them.

Whether the project is big or small, the Writing Center will help revise and edit them all. For more information about the Writing Center, visit this link.


Special thanks to Dr. Fife for helping making this blurb possible and for being in the pictures!!

Rachel Hoge – Helping to make a Complicated Language Easy

Rachel Hoge, a 2014 graduate with a Creative Writing major and TESL minor has quickly jumped into the workplace, something many gradpic1college grads aren’t able to do in this economy. Her successes are very inspiring and I believe she has prepped for her success in a way that we should all take note of. In her college days, she interned here at the EMW, worked in the English office as a student worker, was a teacher’s assistant, and worked on the Zephyrus editorial staff. She has also been published in Zephyrus, won the Robert Penn Warren Poetry Award in 2014, and was a finalist in the Jim Wayne Miller Fiction Contest in 2012 and 2013. Her successes in school have translated into her post-grad career aspirations. I asked her some questions about her new position with A.C.E. and for some advice for her fellow English majors:

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Here comes a new blogger!!

Not necessarily a new blogger, but a new blog those of you who frequent tumblr may enjoy. The blog is run by the English department’s own Stephanie Tillman, who is teaching this semester at WKU. Her blog is currently in a state of limbo, but she has posted enough materials and prompts to inspire and motivate those who need a little punch in the gullet to get those fingers typing and the pencils scrawling. EMW Pics

Highlight on Dr. Poole


Dr. Alex Poole is one of the linguistics professors in our humble English Department at WKU. He was born in Carlo, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Sioux City, Iowa. He obtained his doctorate from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Dr. Poole came to Western Kentucky University after applying for positions at different locations. WKU sunk its hook into him, and Dr. Poole is entering his thirteenth year here at the university. I spoke with him about linguistics, which is a part of the English department that gets little press or attention. Continue reading

Streamlines Undergraduate Conference Now Taking Submissions

Visit for more information.

Conference submissions are now being taken for Streamlines: An Undergraduate Conference Celebrating Language, Literature, and Writing. Submit your abstract by October 22nd to be considered for a panel presentation.

According to the attached flyer, “Streamlines is a collaborative effort among Clarke University, Loras College, and University of Dubuque to create unique opportunities for undergraduates to share scholarship and creativity.”

Click the thumbnail of the flyer or go to the Streamlines web page for more information.