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A generation ago, American young adults were the best-educated in the world. Now 25- to 34-year-olds are 12th, behind Korea and Russia.  Maybe English majors could be even more adaptable than they already are. Become a predictive analytic expert, too, to guarantee job security.

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Welcome Back to WKU– Now Read This Novel for the Next Class

Now that we have all settled into our classes, we can now begin to jump into the semester again and be the best we can be. Unfortunately, at least in my case, this new semester brought a reading load which quickly piled up, even on the first days of classes (English Major Problems). I also, unfortunately, happen to be bad (or good, whichever way you look at it) at procrastinating. This means staying up late and reading a book as quickly as possible while resisting the urge to use Spark Notes.

I’ve only been a hardcore English Major for two semesters, but I know that these are bad habits I must break before they go out of control. Don’t give in to these habits! Here are some suggestions:

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Thanks for Having Me

My name is Katie Hanson and I am one of the newest members of the English Major’s Weblog! You will see plenty of me on the site, posting things that I feel pertain to YOU. If they don’t, be sure to read them anyway and nod your head sagely.

I am a sophomore at WKU and I am, of course, an English major, with a concentration in Literature with a minor in Professional Writing. I have lived in good old BG for most of my life, and I commute to school. I work just down the hill at the Warren County Public Library downtown.

Besides a love of books common to all Lit. majors, I have a great love for music. I almost always have music playing and I have a strange capacity to memorize song lyrics, but not important things, such as Biology vocabulary. Talk to me about music, that’s fine with me, but you better like good music. I also enjoy shopping. When I shop, however, I always manage to find the best deals and ways to save money. After all, I am a broke college student.

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PW English Student, Allison Gregory Authors Web Comic: 20/40

Allison Gregory writes and does the web design for the collaborative web comic, 20/40.

Allison Gregory writes and designs the website for the collaborative web comic, 20/40.
Photo courtesy of Allison Gregory

Allison Gregory is passionate about comics, to say the least. So much so, that she’s created a collaborative web comic with a group of friends titled 20/40. As stated on the official 20/40 website, each of the five people involved “bring a different flavor to the comic, keeping it alive and vital.” Allison’s role is to write for and manage the site, and pretty much anything else that needs doing.

I spoke with Allison about her love for comics, the origins of 20/40, and the benefits of being a professional writing English major in this genre. Read what she had to say in our interview below! Continue reading

Dr. Otto Helps Revolutionize Teacher Ed with the CEPT Program for PCAL and the School of Teacher Education

Read more about Dr. Otto's involvement in the CEPT Program.Our own Dr. Peggy Otto was featured in the Spring 2014 WKU Arts & Letters Magazine for helping to innovate a new and unique program for secondary teacher education called Clinical Experiences in the Practice of Teaching (CEPT). Learn more about the partnership between Potter College of Arts and Letters and the School of Teacher Education to form the CEPT program by reading the article in Arts & Letters (pages 10-13). Be sure to watch the video on page 10 to learn even more!

English Alumna Mary Boothe Named PCAL Inductee Into Society of Distinguished Graduates

Mary Boothe, 2014 English alumna and newest PCAL inductee into the Society of Distinguished Graduates

Mary Boothe, 2014 English alumna and newest PCAL inductee into the Society of Distinguished Graduates

Mary Boothe has had an impressive undergraduate career here at WKU. Her commitment to sustainability, her research, her service, and her international experience combined to make her a deserving recipient of her most recent honor—becoming a PCAL inductee into the Society of Distinguished Graduates.

Mary is heading to law school at William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA in a few months, where she plans to concentrate on copyright and intellectual property right, so I took the opportunity to interview her before she hits the road to start the next chapter in her life.

But first, see what Drs. Hale and Jones had to say about Mary’s achievements: Continue reading

Deadline for Submissions to THE ASHEN EGG Has Been Extended to June 30th

Are you rushing to get your submission for The Ashen Egg to Dr. Langdon by Saturday? Take a deep breath; there’s more time.The deadline for submissions to the Ashen Egg has been exended to June 30th.

That’s right, the deadline has been extended to June 30th–that’s a whole extra month to polish your submission!

Click here for the updated editable version of the cover sheet, and here to view the call for submissions (ignore the May 31st deadline on this one though).

Best of luck to you all!

California Dreaming? Register for Dr. Alex Olson’s Winter Study Away Course Today!

Learn about this study away course in sunny California (held during the 2015 winter term) please read Dr. Alex Olson’s statement below the flyer. What a perfect way to escape Kentucky winter weather!

Register today for Dr. Alex Olson's "Dreaming of California" winter term course!

Register today for Dr. Alex Olson’s “Dreaming of California” winter term course!

From Dr. Olson:

Applications are now open for my January 2015 Study Away course, “Dreaming of California: History and Literature.” This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about California and visit San Francisco, Yosemite, Hollywood, Monterey, and Big Sur. This study away class will be co-taught with Dr. Leila Watkins, a new professor in the Honors College. Details and application can be found here.

The enrollment is capped at 11 students, and you can register for either English 399, History 490, or Honors 300. There are no prerequisites. The $3,299 cost includes 3 credit hours of tuition, flight, fourteen-nights of lodging (including a hotel in Yosemite and cabins on the beach), transportation, entrance fees, and some meals.

This should be a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience!

To apply, all you need to do is file an application and pay the deposit. Financial aid opportunities are available. The priority application deadline is October 1st.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Dr. Alex Olson

Mashup Melville: Moby Dick Meets the Restless Digital Natives


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Remixing Melville: Moby Dick Meets the Digital Generation | MindShift  Is this the summer to finally do justice to Melville’s opus mundi, Moby Dick?  I think I will have another go at it, but this time I am going to … Continue reading