Do You Want to Build a Sno- No


If you are enjoying the weather as much as I am, you are probably laying in bed contemplating moving right now. It is cold outside and, unfortunately, our friend Bob Skipper won’t cancel classes because it is cold. So, instead of Yik Yaking about how cold it is, how about we suck it up and power through the cold months ahead with gusto? Here are some tips to keep up the motivation to get thee to class.



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Tis the season to meet Holly, fa-la-la!!

Holly Logsdon is a senior pursuing an English degree, majoring in creative writing with a minor in professional writing. In addition to being a non-traditional student, Holly works at the Office of Student Financial Assistance, and is an intern for Dr. Rob Hale working with him on the STEPS Program. She spoke with me about the experiences she’s had as an intern and her perspective as a non-traditional student.

Jacky Killian: What does it mean to be an English major to you?

Holly Logsdon: I love being an English major because we explore literature, language, and writing from so many angles. We’re engaged learners, making connections between the study of English, our communities, and our world.

Jacky: Why are you in your selected major?

Holly Logsdon, WKU student extraordinaire

Holly Logsdon, WKU student extraordinaire

Holly: I’m a Creative Writing major because I love language. Words are powerful and persuasive, tender and terrifying. Writing challenges me to find just the right words to connect with an audience and leave an impression.

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Meeting Bowman (all over again.)

Chantel Bowman

Chantel Bowman is a long time acquaintance of mine. We’ve known each other since elementary school, so basically from kindergarten to cap-and-gown. Chantel once wanted to be a nurse, but soon discovered she has a niche for English. She’s unstoppable, and has had a book published during her time here at WKU.

Jacky Killian: What does it mean to be an English major to you?

Chantel Bowman: Being an English major is like finally discovering your true passion and becoming the person you always knew you were-a true romantic with little patience for realist unless it is Mark Twain or magical realism! Continue reading

Dr. Mary Miller on the Jim Wayne Miller Celebration of Writing

The 18th Annual Jim Wayne Miller Celebration of Writing is this weekend at the Augenstein Alumni Center starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. I interviewed Dr. Mary Ellen Miller, one of WKU’s longest serving professors about the upcoming event. I want to thank Dr. Miller for her time and her speedy responses. Also, for some humor and to display the importance of proofreading emails to professors, I included a typo from the original email.

Photo courtesy of the WKU Herald.

Photo courtesy of the WKU Herald.

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Go Celebrate Some Writing

JWM Poster

The Jim Wayne Miller Celebration of Writing is being held this year at the Augenstein Alumni Center on Sunday the 9th of November (That’s this weekend!!). Go and celebrate the writing accomplishments of your fellow students. It’s the perfect excuse to get out of the dorm  or apartment for a Sunday afternoon.

Go and Vote

As the young’uns of the United States, it is up to us to shape the future of our democracy. So, to do that, go and vote! Even if you aren’t from Kentucky, it is important to vote, especially since we are students at WKU, which is in Kentucky, of course. But this election involves a slew of slandering and should not be taken lightly.


My view from a stop sign, on my way to vote.


Websites to view:

Research before you go, and make an un-biased decision. Exercise your right to vote and make a difference! Voting polls are open till 6pm tonight.