Just as some closing end-of-the-semester reminders, the Ashen Egg will be accepting submissions until finals week. They accept undergraduate literary analysis papers. All submissions must be first approved by a professor.

For the end of the semester on the 9th @ 7, the English Club is having the annual potluck. There will be a signup sheet at the next meeting if you would like to bring something (entrée, dessert, drinks, vegetarian, etc), but if you cannot come, feel free to either e-mail me or send something out over the listserv. We do not yet have a location for the potluck, so if anyone wants to volunteer, we would appreciate it. We’re looking for a location close to campus.

This Wednesday (the 25th), there will be an open mic reading at the square in downtown Bowling Green at 7. The weather promises to be lovely.

– Michael Miller

Meet the Goldenrod Winners

The Goldenrod Poetry Festival with guest poet Stacia Fleegal was Monday, April 9. I asked this year’s three winners to tell us about the birth of their poem and their life as an English major. You can read their poems by following the above link.

Isiah Fish, first place, tells us that

I hate ketchup.

So, I suppose “Catch Up” was born from hatred. It was the day before the submission deadline and I had yet to crank out anything that I loved so I started writing various things—a line here, a phrase there—hoping that my little nothings would turn into something. I wrote the last seven lines of “Catch Up” and immediately knew I had my ending. So I went back and wrote a beginning. I’m kind of fascinated with relationships post breakup which is how the beginning started. I was revising the piece when I decided to pepper it with suggestions that the narrator was a serial killer or cannibal or lunatic. The reader gets to ultimately decide.

I’m very excited to be a part of the English community here at Western. I haven’t gotten to dip my toes into any of the Creative Writing classes yet because I’m only a freshman but I plan to dive in full force in the fall. I like to go to poetry readings and support other writers by listening to what they’ve all come up with.