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Near Sweep by WKU English Majors at Sigma Tau Delta International Awards Banquet

Posted by on March 14, 2014
Rebecca & Rachel
The English Major community can all crow along with Professor Walker Rutledge’s triumphal email announcement:
I’m delighted to report that at this evening’s International English Honor Society Awards Banquet (Sigma Tau Delta), our honor students carried away two of the most prestigious awards–from a field of 209 colleges and universities and over 900 participantsRebecca Thieman won 2nd place (and $300) for creative non-fiction and Rachel Sudbeck won third place for creative non-fiction (and $150).  Kudos likewise must go to Dale’s creative non-fiction class!  I have attached the joyful (and surprised) students’ photo, taken a few moments ago.
It has been a wonderful convention. This has been quite an opportunity for our students.  And I must say, even if I do have a bias,  our other presenters clearly had the outstanding papers in their respective sessions.


 One of the benefits of being an English major, Professor Rutledge relates,

 Another good experience we have had has been to slip away for a couple of hours and go through Flannery O’Connor’s birthplace home.  The guide, who lives in the attic and is obsessively devoted to his subject, gave one of the best literary tours I have ever experienced.  I can offer more details later.

As will we.  Look for interviews, more pictures, and more stories about our Sigma Tau Delta colleagues as well as Flannery O’Connor in the coming week.

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