Congratulations to Our Spring 2014 Graduates and Winners from the English Awards Ceremony

The English department has a lot to be proud of right now. First, we have a long list of wonderful Spring 2014 graduates who we would like to congratulate. We will miss seeing your faces around Cherry Hall, but know you each have bright futures ahead of you. Please keep in touch, and remember you are always welcome to visit anytime. Our door is always open to our alumni!

We also have many distinguished students who were celebrated last night at the WKU Department of English Awards Ceremony and Senior Reading. If you weren’t able to make it last night, you missed a wonderful (and jam packed!) event. Cherry Hall 125 was literally overflowing with support for our award and scholarship recipients and senior readers. Check out the program below so you’ll know who to congratulate when you see them!

List of Spring 2014 English Graduates

Click to enlarge image

List of winners from the 2014 Awards Ceremony and Senior Reading

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