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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 6

This is the last of the series of “How to Become a Romance Writer.” Sad, I know. But through this journey of writing we have learned several things about romance writing on the way: Step 1-Stick to Your Goal Each English Major, Romance writer or not, needs to stick to their goal. That goal may not be becoming a romance
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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 5

Something that always intrigues me about being an English Major, who loves romance writing, is: there are very little studies in romance writing. English Majors love to learn, but don’t always have the opportunity to. Everyone has that one saying we’ve all heard: “I’ve always wanted to learn (blank)…” But who has ever followed through with that statement? The time
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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 4

Every writer, romance or not, has a writer they look up to and aspire to become (sometimes both financially and writing-wise). For me, that writer is J.R. Ward.

How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 3

I know that everyone aspires to be a romance writer, wait… maybe that’s just me. But if you do want to be a romance writer you have to read. I know, I know, it’s tedious and time consuming, but it has to be done. You can’t just write off into the sunset with a plot. There has to be a
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