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Thursday April 24th is Poem in Your Pocket Day!

If you didn’t already know, April is National Poetry Month! And to celebrate, and the Academy of American Poets wants all English lovers to participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day! The idea of it is to choose a poem that you love, carry it around with you and share it others throughout the day. Pretty simple, right? But if
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Stephen Fry on Loving Living Language and on Hating the Haters

Ran into this inspiring and delicious take on language, done in “kinetic typography”.  Lesson? English majors are and should be lovers of the word in all its many forms, broken and otherwise. Enjoy. Stephen Fry on Language  

Meet the Goldenrod Winners

The Goldenrod Poetry Festival with guest poet Stacia Fleegal was Monday, April 9. I asked this year’s three winners to tell us about the birth of their poem and their life as an English major. You can read their poems by following the above link. Isiah Fish, first place, tells us that I hate ketchup. Don’t know how to get
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Poetry Under the Stars

This Thursday, April 19, CAB Poetry Under the Stars will be at the Centennial Mall from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Goldenrod Poetry Festival 2012

Goldenrod Video 2012 So, for the last two readings I attended as intern, I created a picture post for you of the event. Well, Monday’s reading was the English Club’s annual Goldenrod Poetry Festival. I wound up taking about 20 pictures, which would be torturous in a single blog post, so I decided to create a video with Windows Movie
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National Poetry Month

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? Well, it is! This year is the 16th celebration of National Poetry Month. Thursday, April 26 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Be sure to have your favorite poem in your pocket all day, either from your favorite poet or one of your own rendering. Tweet the title and writer of
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