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Learning Lots with Mott

Jason Mott spoke here at WKU on Oct. 16th, 2014. He gives advice to students about first drafts.

How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 6

This is the last of the series of “How to Become a Romance Writer.” Sad, I know. But through this journey of writing we have learned several things about romance writing on the way: Step 1-Stick to Your Goal Each English Major, Romance writer or not, needs to stick to their goal. That goal may not be becoming a romance
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Science Fiction and Suspense at the Kentucky Writers Conference

A collaborative post between Andria Nealis and Tiffany Hughes. The Southern Kentucky Writers Conference and Bookfest is one of the largest annual literary events. It hosts thousands of potential writers each April. This past Bookfest was held Friday and Saturday, April 25 & 26. During this event, there were several writing workshops on Friday, April 25th, where authors that had books available for
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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 5

Something that always intrigues me about being an English Major, who loves romance writing, is: there are very little studies in romance writing. English Majors love to learn, but don’t always have the opportunity to. Everyone has that one saying we’ve all heard: “I’ve always wanted to learn (blank)…” But who has ever followed through with that statement? The time
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At Half Price Books!

A Book Club has started up at our local Half Price Books! If you’ve exhausted the reading material from your bookshelf or you’re just looking for a place to discuss writing (good, bad, or otherwise), head out to Half Price Books to check out what is next on their reading list. This month, the club has finished up The Hiding Place, written
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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 4

Every writer, romance or not, has a writer they look up to and aspire to become (sometimes both financially and writing-wise). For me, that writer is J.R. Ward.

Vampires, Warlocks, Zombies… Oh my!

During Fall 2013 pre-registration, Dr. Hughes lured in unsuspecting victims with one sentence on her special topics posters: “If you like reading about incest, murder, incestuous murder, haunted houses, enclosed spaces, premature burial, freaks and monsters, then this class is for you!” What students who signed up for English 399: Special Topics-Gothic Fiction didn’t realize was… how awesome this course
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Successful Interns: Bradley Englert

Our English department internship coordinator, Dr. Angela Jones, has helped build connections with many businesses and organizations over the years, providing students with a wide range of internship opportunities. While this is a fantastic resource, all students are encouraged to form their own relationships with employers to develop internships outside of the department. By doing this, English majors can truly
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A Reminder and a Correction: Henry Fiction Award

Happy Monday to everyone! We’d like to make a correction regarding our previous post about the Henry Fiction award application date. Entries are due by April 15th, 2014. Now you have even more time to get those stories ready to win a cash prize. Hop to it! If you missed our last post, here is the information again.

Terry Bisson: On Writing, Reading, and Realism

On Wednesday, March 26th, Terry Bisson visited Western Kentucky University for the Creative Writing Reading Series. By 7 p.m. Cherry Hall 125 was packed full of students, professors, readers, writers, and friends of Terry Bisson to hear him read some of his award-winning science fiction. I have to admit, it was probably the best Reading Series event I’d been to,
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