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A Smirk Crossed His Face and He Said, “And What are You Going to Do with That?”

There is a group of people—a great big group of people—who get a perverse sort of pleasure from hearing that you are an English major. It is not that these people have any particular similarities across the board, but they have a notion of what it takes to be successful, and, for many, liberal arts degrees don’t fit that notion.
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Bad Poetry Alert: “Or is it Summer?”

Disclaimer: As a professional writing student, I write poetry that is—to put it frankly—quite bad. However, it never hurts to try something new. If you want to get better at poetry (like I should), take Creative Writing, Intermediate Poetry Writing, or Creative Non-Fiction in the fall! Or is it Summer? Poetry really isn’t my thing, But sometimes you just get
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The 10 Best Books I’ve NEVER Read

Hey, English folks! The semester is FINALLY coming to an end! It’s almost that time to put away our textbooks and pull out our favorite pillows because summer is here and we all know what that means: SLEEP! Just kidding. (But really…) Besides catching up on my sleep, I plan on doing a lot of new and exciting things this
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Need Motivation? Watch this!

As the end of the semester approaches, many of us are…well, quite done with school for the moment. As we boot up our computers to write that 9 page research paper we wonder why on Earth we thought it was a good idea to procrastinate this long. Those of us fortunate enough to be enrolled in multiple English classes have the
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Top 15 #EnglishMajorProblems

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an English major for 20 minutes or 20 years, some things never change. Most of us have experienced what Twitter has deemed #EnglishMajorProblems, and here are WKU’s top 15: 15. Facebook advertises your English textbook on your news feed.   14. Your friends live in constant fear of your correcting their grammar.   13. But you’ve
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The Writers: Kiersten Richards

Well here goes Part 2 of introducing y’all to your new bloggers: As you can see, my name is Kiersten, and it is pronouced KEER-sten. Not KUR-stin or KRIS-tin or even HOUS-ton (thanks Starbucks!). I’m a senior from Owensboro, KY with a double major in English with a Professional Writing concentration and Spanish. I’m the middle child of three brothers and
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The Writers: Allison Henson

For this week, we feel like you should get to know the writers of The English Majors’ Weblog. So here we go! My name is Allison, but my friends call me Curly Fry (it’s the hair).  I am a junior from Elizabethtown, KY majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Writing, but there’s more to me than just
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Do You Blog?

I was in Einstein’s, the little coffee shop far away from my second home in Cherry Hall, impatiently waiting for my hot hazelnut coffee to cool off and my bagel order to appear. The line was out the door and there were at least fifteen people ahead of me, so I did what any normal, talkative, and very bored person
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Making Movies with Zach

Zach Puckett is a friend of mine, and we both happen to be graduating this Saturday. Zach is a film major with a concentration in TV production and interned at County Music Television (CMT) in summer of 2014. He shared with me some of his opinions on English and his experiences as a film major, intern, and student. Oh, and
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Finals Time Funnies

Thanks to Andi Nealis for sending this video our way. A little humor never hurt.