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How to Tell Your Parents You’re in Love With…


I recently had “the talk” with my mother… Yes, that’s right: I had to tell my own mother that I want to be a romance writer, sex scenes and all. “That won’t make you any money!” she said. “How will you provide for your family?” Funny, when I was growing up all anyone said was: “Follow your dreams,” and “Believe in what you can do.” Now that I finally have a dream, the problem is providing for my family? Well, forget that.

Ah romance. “She could feel him on her neck. She tilted her head back and let it hit the pillow as he traced her carotid artery with his teeth and breathed deep in the scent of her.” Oops! Wrong story! I got a little side tracked there. Each romance writer has their own style of providing their audience with the same: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, love equal happily ever after plot. It is the variation of this plot that intrigues readers to follow a series or finish a romance novel.

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Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

My mentor of the romance writing world is J.R. Ward. Ward writes the famous fantasy romance series: Black Dagger Brotherhood. It was because of these books being readily available in my high school library that I started to write romance. My writing before Ward was the basic drama of a young girl’s high school experiences with boys. But after reading this series, and a few others, the opportunity for romance arose.

It’s the opportunity for romance that really made me want to become a romance writer. There are always couples everywhere and no one ever knows if they are going to last. One day they could be happy and the next, broken. Because of the slim chance that their story could last an eternity, I want to make sure that every love story is told in some way.

The first step to becoming a romance writer is sticking to your goal. If you truly want to write romance for a living then don’t be dissuaded by those who try to put you down. Love what you do, and do what you love. Even if you have to get a tattoo on your forehead saying: “I want to become a romance writer” at least you’ll have a reminder of what is to come.

I will be doing a set of posts on How to Become a Romance Writer over the course of the semester. Please return for more posts in my series.

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  1. As my good friend and rocker Mojo Nixon is fond of saying: KEEP ON! I am a stranger to the genre and will likely remain so unless I get educated a little about its nuances. I look forward to learning more.

  2. Tiffany Hughes says:

    I feel the same way about fantasy writing! Your intro to this cracked me up. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

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