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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 5

Something that always intrigues me about being an English Major, who loves romance writing, is: there are very little studies in romance writing. English Majors love to learn, but downloaddon’t always have the opportunity to.

Everyone has that one saying we’ve all heard: “I’ve always wanted to learn (blank)…” But who has ever followed through with that statement? The time is now! Learn that new thing. Not too long ago, I said that same-old remark “I’ve always wanted to learn (crocheting).” Except I actually learned this activity and it is now my favorite hobby.

How does this apply to English Majors? Learn things about English. The English community and it’s understanding of English is constantly growing and expanding. So learn new things, learn about the old things, and learn how to write.

Take time out of your day, week, month or year to learn. Learn something new about being a writer, even if it isn’t about romance writing. The greatest thing for a writer to understand is that learning will open doors and the mind so that writing becomes natural.

Step 5 in the “How to Become a Romance Writer” is: Learn

Step 4-Go

Step 3-Read

Step 2-Write

Step 1-Stick to Your Goal

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