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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 6

This is the last of the series of “How to Become a Romance Writer.” Sad, I know. But through this journey of writing we have learned several things about romance writing on the way:

Step 1-Stick to Your Goal

Each English Major, Romance writer or not, needs to stick to their goal. That goal may not be becoming a romance writer, but we all have a dream. Make those dreams come true by not giving up on yourself, or others.

Step 2-Write

No matter where you are or where you go, write. Carry around a notebook if you have to. Write down one word a day, or a million. Either way write as much as you can and write about anything, even the small ideas that pop into your head.

Step 3-Read

Enjoy books, stories, poems, and drafts. Take time to read. If it means reading while sitting on the toilet, do it. Expand your mind and your book collection.

Step 4-Go

Authors all over the world have meet and greets, book signings, and question and answer sessions. Go! Attend! Discuss! You need the environment of a group of people all under one roof enjoying what they do, and who they are.

Step 5-Learn

Not just the 2+2 stuff either. Learn about grammar, the history of literature, what makes a good romance writer, and even how to cook a meal every now and again (you might need this for future use).

And finally, at the end of this wonderful semester:

Step 6-Create.

Create community. Spend time with fellow English majors, and even non-English majors. Hey, they need friends too! Get to know your professors too. I promise they won’t bite (not hard anyway).

Create laughter. Go to Starbucks with a couple of friends now and again. You need to feel your lungs expand because of quality time, and good cappuccinos. If the cappuccinos go through your nose, be sure to always get napkins.1375680_220930554750442_479959325_n

Create worlds. Think of places you’ve never been to before, and write about them. Write about a world were no one is free, or a world where everyone is equal. Bring what’s in your head out onto paper.

Thank you all for allowing me to discuss something dear to my heart this semester and I hope I have helped at least one Romance Writer in their progression to greatness.


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