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How Did You Become An English Major? A Weekly Article

Hi there fellow English majors! I hope everyone is going to have a good finals week! I got lucky and did not have to take as many as I was supposed to ūüôā This is the last week I am going to be doing this weekly post because of my internship ending and the fact that I have tons more wedding planning to do! Since this is the last post, I figured I would give you my story on becoming an English major.

The future hubs and I.

I was always good at English growing up, but never thought I would be making a career out of it. Where I grew up, the majority of people go to school to be in the medical field, which I knew I could never do (I will pass out at the sight of blood). I always wondered what I would be doing with my life and in high school I knew I wanted to be some type of writer or editor. I was good at writing and I always helped and edited my friends with their papers. I also helped them understand things we read in books. My friends all hated English and I wanted to try to help them undestand that reading and writing can be a fun thing. When I got to college, I started out as a journalism major and disliked it. I did not think I could make a career out of it and that lead me to become a communications disorder major. I figured I could get a good job in that and be happy. I took one class in that field and hated it! After that, I switched to English for Secondary Teachers and I have loved every minute of it! I enjoy teaching and helping others understand literature and grammar. I hope that once I become a teacher, I will be able to make an impact on my students and allow them to take on a love of literature.  


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