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Meeting Bowman (all over again.)

Chantel Bowman

Chantel Bowman is a long time acquaintance of mine. We’ve known each other since elementary school, so basically from kindergarten to cap-and-gown. Chantel once wanted to be a nurse, but soon discovered she has a niche for English. She’s unstoppable, and has had a book published during her time here at WKU.

Jacky Killian: What does it mean to be an English major to you?

Chantel Bowman: Being an English major is like finally discovering your true passion and becoming the person you always knew you were-a true romantic with little patience for realist unless it is Mark Twain or magical realism!

Jacky: What made you choose to study English?

Chantel: I chose to study English after taking English 200 with Keith Epley. While reading short stories like “A Rose for Emily,” Milton’s Paradise Lost, and poems by John Donne, I had a eureka moment and knew this was my path.

Jacky: What’s your favorite experience here at WKU so far?

Chantel: My best experience at WKU so far was participating in the oral traditions during MASTER plan the week before Freshman year in the Fall of 2010. I took part in a rap battle at Guthrie Tower utilizing my English skills back when I still thought I wanted to be a nurse. I also thoroughly enjoyed the call and response chanting at Smiths Stadium. I distinctly remember I was on the red team and our leader would say; “Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh,” and we would reply; “You got to be in red or you gots to go.”

Jacky: How did you feel when you found you had a book published?

Chantel: To be honest when I found out my book had finally been published, I felt elated (admittedly I did the happy dance), but I also felt like I had achieved a huge life goal way ahead of schedule.

Jacky: You went from wanting to be a nurse to studying literature. What prompted that change?

Chantel: I felt indifferent to nursing. I wasn’t in it to help people. I just wanted to insure financial stability for my future. Once I really felt my passion for literature, I finally understood how important it is to spend your life doing what makes you happy. Especially in the present, for me it was important to enjoy my collegiate experience studying what I was drawn to.

Jacky: Do you have any closing comments for any students reading the blog right now?

Chantel: As Mr. Keith Epley once informed me, it is important to take interest in yourself. By this I don’t mean egotistically, but it is important to care about who you are and who you want to be. College is really about finding your adult self.

I want to thank Chantel for her time, and her answers. If you want to purchase a copy of Reckless Carnage: An Anthology of Horror, it’s only $3 as an e-book on Barnes and Noble.

"Reckless Carnage: An Anthology of Horror"

“Reckless Carnage: An Anthology of Horror”


This also ain’t the first time Chantel’s been featured on our blog. Click here to read an interview about her experience as an intern at Itoh Press. http://english.blog.wku.edu/2014/02/24/successful-interns-chantel-bowman/

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  1. Keith Epley says:

    Ms. Bowman–

    What I actually said is that students ought to take an interest in me, then in themselves! Chortle!

    Thank you for the kind words, but as the tables turn, I would like to thank you for the lovely Neruda poem you sent me I hadn’t read. It simply confirms my belief that teachers learn equally from their students.

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