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Do You Want to Build a Sno- No


If you are enjoying the weather as much as I am, you are probably laying in bed contemplating moving right now. It is cold outside and, unfortunately, our friend Bob Skipper won’t cancel classes because it is cold. So, instead of Yik Yaking about how cold it is, how about we suck it up and power through the cold months ahead with gusto? Here are some tips to keep up the motivation to get thee to class.



1. Bundle up.

It’s okay if you look like that kid from A Christmas Story, at least you are warm! The more layers the better, but remember to plan accordingly: you will eventually make it to your destination., where it (hopefully) is toasty warm. I recommend wearing a t-shirt and a light jacket, under all the other layers. And leave a little early to have time to strip down to your comfortable clothes.

2. Take the bus.

It is known that some of the bus drivers are a little crazy when driving. This only adds to the fun! The adrenaline from fear will keep you warm, and the minimum walking you have to do will not make you too hot and sweaty. And maybe you will meet someone interesting on the bus.

3. Coffee, Tea, anything hot

Tis the season for warm drinks! Use up those meal plans and get a coffee or tea from one of the many places on campus. The heat from the drink will keep your insides all warm, and your hands as well! Tea is the better choice because it is natural and better in general. Coffee and tea both have caffeine as well. If these don’t sound good to you, get some hot chocolate or hot apple cider!

4. Suck it up: Your destination is in sight

You will eventually make it to your destination. You may be trudging through the arctic tundra to do so, but you will get there. And also, there aren’t many more days of school left, so you don’t have to get up every day to go to classes (if you have a J-Term, refer to this list again before classes start).

It is worth it to make it. Be distinctive and show up for class. The ones who don’t go to class can’t take advantage of the extra admiration from the teachers who must come to class every day. Power through and stick it out!

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  1. Jacky Killian says:

    I recommend peppermint tea for this time of year. It’s sweet without sugar and has certain kick in that rustles anyone into action.

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