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The Writers: Allison Henson

For this week, we feel like you should get to know the writers of The English Majors’ Weblog.

So here we go!

My name is Allison, but my friends call me Curly Fry (it’s the hair).  I am a junior from Elizabethtown, KY majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Writing, but there’s more to me than just English.

I have a older sister who is a graduate from WKU and a cat named PJ who I call “the brother I never wanted”. I’m obsessed with the color pink, Words With Friends, and all things Jane Austen. As a die-hard coffee addict, I can usually be found sitting in a coffee shop with a large white mocha and my laptop open, looking up different artists and new album releases.

BRMBI am a music junkie! My love for music stared young. I’ve been in band since the sixth grade and studied music for ten years. I am also a member of the Big Red Marching Band here at WKU.  I have a horrible habit of spending money on CD’s (yes, I still buy those), concert tickets, and Rolling Stones magazines, but what can I say? It’s a passion of mine.

My love for English started late in life. I didn’t become an avid reader until my junior year of high school and even then, I had never considered a major in English. But it was a creative non-fiction essay assigned by my AP English teacher that made me realize I had a love for writing. After a positive response from my teacher and classmates, I submitted my essay and a short story to three colleges around Kentucky for scholarships, and that’s how I ended up at WKU!

I applied for this internship because I have a huge interest in blogging and making personal connections with different kinds of people. Blogs are a great tool for creatively getting information out to people and making connections that normal wouldn’t happen in another type of medium. I love that. Plus, more and more companies are moving towards blogs as a form of customer to company communication to adapt to the ever changing social media culture we live in.

I’m hoping in the future I can combine my loves of music and writing into one form and create a steady career for myself, but who knows! I’m just excited for the opportunity to write for The English Majors’ Weblog!



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