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Proyecta 100,000 Comes to WKU

As some of you may heard via the article on WKU News, the WKU English Department will host a group of 7 Mexican scholars during the month of June as one of the first steps of Proyecta 100,000.


If you’re anything like me, your first questions is: “What is Proyecta 100,000?” According to the Bilateral Forum of Higher Education, Innovation and Research, it is “a Mexican proposal that sets the goal of 100 thousand Mexican students going to study in the United States and 50 thousand U.S. students studying in Mexico by 2018.” Other goals are to encourage language teaching and promote exchange opportunities.

Now you’re wondering, “How was WKU chosen to participate?” Well, I asked Dr. Alison Youngblood, assistant professor of English, and these are her answers:

  1. How was WKU selected to participate in this program? Was there an application, and if so, what was the timeline?

In order for a university to participate in the Proyecta program, it has to be a designated Proyecta partner. I contacted the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis in December of last year.  In February, I received an invitation to officially apply for a range of scholarship programs; I selected the intensive English program.  I worked with the English Dept. and the ESLI to submit our proposal, and we heard back in March.

  1. Why did they decide to bring the students and faculty here during the summer session?

Proyecta offers intensive English scholarships each semester.  WKU also applied for a fall group of scholars, and we will hear back later in the year.  The program runs continuously until 2018.

  1. What is the goal of their visit?

To improve their English language skills and be immersed in the local culture.

  1. Since students from Mexico will be at WKU, are there any plans to send WKU students to Mexico?

There are no plans that I can share at this time to send WKU students to institutions in Mexico in association with the Proyecta program. However, there may be other initiatives around campus for interested students (Check out the Office of Study Abroad and Global Learning).

  1. If students would like to get involved with this project in the future, what would their roles be and what steps do they need to take?

Interested students should contact me via email.  We are still building the experience now, and we would welcome any interested volunteers.



June 2015 marks one of the first steps to link two countries educationally that are already strong economically. If you’re going to be in Bowling Green or would love to help students get to know this great language we call English, be sure to email Dr. Youngblood to see how you can get involved!

2 Responses to “Proyecta 100,000 Comes to WKU”

  1. Dr. Angela Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing this additional information about what sounds like a great program! Looking forward to seeing it unfold this summer and in future semesters.

  2. bahau2009 says:

    it’s an interesting program. i wish i could improve my english by studying abroad. but i am not american nor mexican.

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