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Here’s What You Missed: Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman

On March 19th, the English Department had the wonderful opportunity of hosting author Richard Hoffman to read sections from his new memoir Love and FuryIn this book, Hoffman talks about what it was like growing up in a blue-collar family, dealing with racist and sexist values he unfortunately inherited.

Before the reading, students were greeted by a table full of his memoirs ready to buy. Hoffman was introduced by Dr. Rigby, a dear friend of Hoffman’s, and then the author went straight into the reading–perfectly picked sections that hit the main points of his memoir. After the reading, Hoffman opened up the floor for questions. Students asked everything from his technique for staying organized to personal inspiration for telling certain stories.

By the end of the reading, I (and most of the people I was with) was disappointed that I had little cash on hand to purchase a book. Hoffman was honest, creative, and real. He made his sections come to life in the small room in Cherry Hall. The reading itself reminded the majority of us why we loved to write so much: we all have a story to tell.

So next time you receive an email from the English Club or hear from a teacher about a future reading, you should attend! If you’re interested in Love and Fury, click the link up above to receive book information!

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