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~Careers in English~

In ENG 402: Editing and Publishing, Dr. Jones hosts a visiting professional series in order to give students a realistic idea about the career opportunities that are available for English majors. This series has brought in employees Maggie Harris, Mac Kern, and Sarah Slatton from KirkpatrickPrice and editor and publisher, Steve Vest, from Kentucky Monthly. 

This Friday, Amy Brack and Amanda Adams will be visiting the class to talk about their careers as editors for the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury, Division of State Audit. Both Brack and Adams are alumnae of WKU!! Before accepting the position as a legislative editor back in ’99, Brack taught part-time and worked full-time in both book and magazine publishing before becoming an editor. Brack met Adams when she came to WKU in 2013 for a similar class visit and hired Adams upon graduation.

This class visit will take place in Cherry Hall 104 at 1:50-2:45 p.m. and there will be an informal meet and greet following the session after in the room right next door (CH 105). All students are welcome to attend and ask any questions they have about the editing business!

So mark it on your calendar: APRIL 24th 1:50-2:45 p.m.

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  1. Dr. Angela Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing the word, Allison! Just one correction, please: Amy Brack’s part-time employment before her current position was *teaching*–she worked full-time in various publishing venues before becoming an editor.

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