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A New Addition to WKU: MFA in Creative Writing

Dr. David Bell

Dr. David Bell

I met with Dr. Bell during his office hours to talk about the recent development of the MFA program. I expressed to him my surprise and told him how fast it all seemed to happened.

“Oh, but it did, it really did,” he said.

Dr. Bell is the director of the Creative Writing program at WKU, but this development was in the works long before he got here.

“I believe there was an attempt,” he said, “some time before I got here, but things happened so fast because it had to happen now.” A normal MFA program  takes two to three years to develop, but a small committee of five here at WKU made it happen in a year.

“He said we could have a program,” Dr. Bell told me, talking about Provost Dr. Gordon Emslie. “But we had to do it now. So we went to work.”

The program will be a FULLY FUNDED (Dr. Bell made it clear to emphasize that point) two-year course that will teach students how to hone their craft and give them real and valuable life experience. They will offer tracks in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and script writing.  This program will prepare students for lives as writers, but also require each student to have a secondary concentration–either in literature, composition and rhetoric, or teaching English as a second language–to help them become more marketable in different fields.

When asked what this meant for the department and the university as a whole, Dr. Bell said it would raise the profile of WKU.  “This is the second traditional and residential program in the state; Kentucky being the other one. Everyone else is low-residency.” This will raise the popularity of WKU, figuratively putting us on the map and making us more competitive with other universities.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” Dr. Bell said.

I asked Dr. Bell what he would tell students who felt like getting a MFA in creative.

“Don’t you think it’s a risk,” I asked, “a big one at that?”

He laughed, reminding me that everything in life is basically a risk; if it wasn’t, what was the point? I agreed with him, but I reminded him as well the need for security and the fear of not having all because a small group of us pursued a passion over an easy job offer. Dr. Bell said he believed if someone truly pursued their passion, and never gave up…they would get what they were hoping for.

“You’re only gonna go around once,” he told me. “So you might as well take the chance.”

So that’s what I have to say to you! If you are interested in the new MFA in Creative Writing, click here to read more about the requirements and qualifications. I encourage all CW students who are curious about graduate programs to take a look at this great opportunity offered here in our Cherry Hall home. It’s not too good to be true.

Take the risk and apply. You only go around once.



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