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What’s New With Goldenrod Poetry Festival?

Tonight’s the night for all you poetry fanatics! The Goldenrod Poetry Festival is tonight, and the winner will be selected by Saeed Jones from among these finalists:

  • “A Walk After Midnight on Repeat” by Sara Ann Alexander
  • “Coffee and Chai” by Shay Barlow
  • “SomewhereInAmerica” by James Buchanan
  • “John Lennon: A Day in the Rye” by Derek Ellis
  • “Cartoon Ghost” by Kirby Fields
  • “The Moon is a Shady Queen” by Isiah Fish
  • “Genealogy” by Jarred Johnson
  • “One Taste” by Megan Seitz
  • “Welcome to Hell: A Red Carpet Event, Hosted by Joan Rivers” by Renée Stewart
  • “Understanding” by Jordan Upton

“There’s nothing new there,” you say, but several things have changed since the last posting.

Unfortunately, health concerns prevent Saeed Jones from attending the festival in person. However, the English Club officers and advisers have worked extremely hard to create a compromise: Jones will Skype into the session in order to announce the winners as well as do his own reading!

In order to accommodate the technological need, the venue has been changed to Gary Ransdell Hall Auditorium (which is great because the chairs are comfortable, the room is big, and there’s not one but two screens to see Jones on).

Each of the finalists will also have the opportunity on a future date to have an individual Skype session with Jones where they will workshop the student’s poetry together. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

Though this event may not have turned out like anyone expected, it’s great that we live in a world where technology allows us to continue despite the roadblocks that come up along the way.

Don’t forget—TONIGHT—7 PM—GRH Auditorium!

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