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Need Motivation? Watch this!

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As the end of the semester approaches, many of us are…well, quite done with school for the moment. As we boot up our computers to write that 9 page research paper we wonder why on Earth we thought it was a good idea to procrastinate this long. Those of us fortunate enough to be enrolled in multiple English classes have the pleasure of more than one 20 page reading assignment due by tomorrow (and that font is tiny y’all!) or two huge (like 40% of your grade huge) projects due on the same day.

Basically, we all just need a little more motivation so that we can finish strong. Today, I’m giving you that motivation in the form of reflection. Think back to that fateful day when you officially decided that you were going to be an English major. You were so excited to study literature, linguistics, writing, and everything in between that you bought your books 3 months early and eagerly flipped through the pages, drinking in that new book smell. You may not have had a clue what job you wanted after graduation (and perhaps, like me, you still don’t), but you were confident that no matter what career you chose, English was the way to get there.

To help you get into the English-y mood and dust off that last piece of motivation, watch Dr. Hollyfield’s video below about why WKU’s English Department and the English major in general are so important to everyday life. According to our faculty and students, here, it’s not just the traditional English major, but it teaches you how to think and how language functions. It gives you a love and joy of literature that is magnified by the study abroad and study away courses available to you. There are also internships every semester that allow you to sample different careers while the Ashen Egg and Zephyrus allow you to try your hand at publishing. But perhaps Dr. Berry says it best, “The English major teaches students communication, and you can take that and transfer it to all kinds of different trades.” So it’s like you always knew: no matter where you want to go, English is the way to get there.


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