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Bad Poetry Alert: “Or is it Summer?”

Disclaimer: As a professional writing student, I write poetry that is—to put it frankly—quite bad. However, it never hurts to try something new. If you want to get better at poetry (like I should), take Creative Writing, Intermediate Poetry Writing, or Creative Non-Fiction in the fall!

Or is it Summer?

Poetry really isn’t my thing,
But sometimes you just get inspired
By the beauty around you that is spring–
Or is it summer?

The dogwoods and cherry blossoms no longer bloom
But have left us with cottonwoods as consolation
To lift the finals week gloom–
Or is it summer?

My bags stand at the door,
Waiting to be filled with the last of my stuff
But I can’t escape the feeling that I have to do more
Or is it summer?

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The hot sun weaves between
The threads of clouds in a patchwork sky
As students loading cars everywhere are seen
Perhaps it is summer?

Proudly, I strut out of my last test,
Knowing I totally nailed that essay,
Sailing down the hill, I wave at all the rest,
Finally, it is summer.

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  1. Good choice of words and use of language. The poem in quite impressing .

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