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Brittany Moster, Showing Us How It’s Done


Brittany Moster graduated this past May from the WKU Honors College with an English Literature major and a News and Editorial Journalism minor. During her time at WKU, as every good Honors student aspires to do, Moster spent a semester studying at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. After returning to America, Moster knew one thing: she had to get back.

Moster tossed around various ideas on how to return to Britain, but she ultimately realized the easiest way to get back was to go as a student. Thus, her decision was made: she would apply for graduate school in Britain.

Once she had made up her mind to apply to graduate school in Britain, she began researching various universities, English programs, course offerings, and professors. She said that there was one university she applied to solely because of a course that was offered called “English Manor and Literature.” She sent in 8 applications in November of her sen
ior year and she began receiving responses in the following January.

When all was said and done, Moster found her school: the University of Birmingham. She will be living in campus housing and in one year’s time will graduate with an MA in Literature and Culture with a pathway of Modern 20th and 21st Century Literature. Three courses that she is looking forward to taking are “Remembering World War I,” “Literary Responses to the First World War,” and a course solely focused on T.S. Elliott.

Moster was offered and accepted the Santander and University of Birmingham five-thousand pound scholarship that will be applied to the fourteen-thousand pound year of tuition. After she had been accepted, the next step for Moster was the exhausting process of applying for a student visa, which she has only just recently received in the mail.

After she graduates from Birmingham, Moster would like to work with a study abroad program, working for a university or as a professor. Wanting to continue traveling to and from England and America, Moster says that she is keeping her options open.

When asked of her worries, Moster said it is the little things that concern her like where she will purchase her bed sheets, buy food, eat dinner, and whether she would remember how to get to campus, like her neighbors, and have friends to eat dinner with.

This coming Friday, September 18th, Moster will be boarding a plane with two bags and one hundred pounds of “things” bound first for Chicago, then Dublin, and finally to her new home for the next year: Birmingham.

Offering a suggestion for students aspiring to do the same, Moster advised, “Start early; start very early.”
Moster said that it has been an expensive process, but she thinks it will be worth it. I think so too. We in the English Department are proud to call Brittany one of our own and we are eager to watch her inspiring progress into her life and career. We wish her the happiest of days and the best of luck! Congratulations Brittany, you have truly earned everything that you’ve attained.



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