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Learning Lots with Mott

Jason Mott spoke here at WKU on Oct. 16th, 2014. He gives advice to students about first drafts.

Editorial: Why I think science and writing work together.

On Wednesday the 15th, Bill Nye—known from my childhood as the Science Guy—spoke at Diddle Arena. He discussed his family history, specifically talking about his father’s interest in sundials and how this would influence Bill’s work as a scientist. One theme Nye revisited throughout his speech involved our ability to change the world. Specifically, Nye implored his audience to appreciate
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Interview with Bradley Englert: Part 2

In this second part of the interview with Bradley Englert, he discusses his transition from student to professional, talks about his time at WKU, and offers advice to students still here. For Part 1, click here: For part one of this interview, click here: Jacky Killian: How have you made the transition from student to professional? Bradley Englert: The
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Interview with Bradley Englert: Part 1

Bradley Englert is a recent graduate from WKU. Since his graduation, Bradley has obtained an internship with Ace Publishing and relocated to New York City. He also works with the Maria Cavaninis Agency. Bradley has been a busy man, and I want to first thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions.  Jacky Killian:
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Dr. David Bell’s Q & A Session from Oct. 7

Want some writing advice from a local professor and author? Here’s a little bit of Dr. David Bell’s question and answer session from his reading at the Rob Kirby Library on October the 7th. To view his reading, click these links. Part 1: Part 2:

Dr. Bell’s The Forgotten Girl Reading: part 2

This is second half of Dr. Bell’s reading from his new book The Forgotten Girl. To watch the first part, click here. For the Q and A Session, click here:

Dr. David Bell’s Reading from The Forgotten Girl

On the 7th of October, Dr. David Bell read from his new book The Forgotten Girl. For those who wanted to attend but weren’t able to, I shot these videos for your viewing pleasure. Here’s Part 1 of 2 from his reading. For part 2, click here: For the Q and A session, click here:  

Meeting the Youngblood

Dr. Alison Youngblood is a new professor here at WKU’s English Department. You could say she’s the young blood!! Dr. Youngblood is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. She has undergraduate degrees from economics and international affairs from Florida State University, and her Master’s degree and Doctorate degree in ESL education from the University of Central Florida. Watch the video to find
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Summers in Autumn

Last Tuesday, I conducted an interview with Leta Summers. Leta is English for Secondary Education major, and is on track to graduate in December 2015. She wrote a book of poetry that was published in summer of 2013 by Itoh Press titled Jumping Anyway, which is available as an e-book through Barnes and Noble. For the full interview and information
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Catching up with the Jones.

Kolton Jones is a recent graduate from Western Kentucky University. Even though he has a degree in physics and studied wireless energy transfer, he believes it is important for everyone—especially scientists such as himself—to know English and its workings. Mr. Jones is 25 years old and graduated in May 2014.