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Dr. Otto Helps Revolutionize Teacher Ed with the CEPT Program for PCAL and the School of Teacher Education

Our own Dr. Peggy Otto was featured in the Spring 2014 WKU Arts & Letters Magazine for helping to innovate a new and unique program for secondary teacher education called Clinical Experiences in the Practice of Teaching (CEPT). Learn more about the partnership between Potter College of Arts and Letters and the School of Teacher Education to form the CEPT program
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English Alumna Mary Boothe Named PCAL Inductee Into Society of Distinguished Graduates

Mary Boothe has had an impressive undergraduate career here at WKU. Her commitment to sustainability, her research, her service, and her international experience combined to make her a deserving recipient of her most recent honor—becoming a PCAL inductee into the Society of Distinguished Graduates. Mary is heading to law school at William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA in a few
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Congratulations to the Three Students Who Received Outstanding English Awards from PCAL

Dean David Lee of Potter College of Arts and Letters and Dr. Rob Hale, English Department Head, congratulated our three Outstanding English Majors at the PCAL Awards Ceremony recently. Be sure to congratulate them , too, when you see them! Outstanding English Major: Anthony Gross Jr. Outstanding Graduate Student in English: Bliss Powers Outstanding EST Student: Cameron Calvert-Carr

PCAL Career Linkages Conference

If any of you are looking for something to do this Friday, February 21st, you should come join me at the PCAL Career Linkages Conference! We all know we have the skills and the desire for a career outside of college–we just have to flaunt it. The conference is a great opportunity to learn how to manage a starving artist
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At our last meeting, some of our members went through a few writing prompts in an effort to get a jump start on the annual Goldenrod Poetry Competition. All submissions will be due this Friday. If you’re interested, there are fliers all over Cherry Hall advertising the event. The reading will be on the 9th of March in Cherry Hall
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