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Need Motivation? Watch this!

As the end of the semester approaches, many of us are…well, quite done with school for the moment. As we boot up our computers to write that 9 page research paper we wonder why on Earth we thought it was a good idea to procrastinate this long. Those of us fortunate enough to be enrolled in multiple English classes have the
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A New Addition to WKU: MFA in Creative Writing

I met with Dr. Bell during his office hours to talk about the recent development of the MFA program. I expressed to him my surprise and told him how fast it all seemed to happened. “Oh, but it did, it really did,” he said. Dr. Bell is the director of the Creative Writing program at WKU, but this development was in
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What’s New With Goldenrod Poetry Festival?

Tonight’s the night for all you poetry fanatics! The Goldenrod Poetry Festival is tonight, and the winner will be selected by Saeed Jones from among these finalists: “A Walk After Midnight on Repeat” by Sara Ann Alexander “Coffee and Chai” by Shay Barlow “SomewhereInAmerica” by James Buchanan “John Lennon: A Day in the Rye” by Derek Ellis “Cartoon Ghost” by Kirby Fields
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~Careers in English~

In ENG 402: Editing and Publishing, Dr. Jones hosts a visiting professional series in order to give students a realistic idea about the career opportunities that are available for English majors. This series has brought in employees Maggie Harris, Mac Kern, and Sarah Slatton from KirkpatrickPrice and editor and publisher, Steve Vest, from Kentucky Monthly.  This Friday, Amy Brack and Amanda
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Arty Marty

Today, I bring an interview with Martin Lucas Kenny from the Art Department. He runs a webcomic called Just Another Superhero Story (JASS for short).

Messages in a Bottle Blog

More information about Messages in a Bottle: What: Writing Group for Students and Faculty. Location: The South Campus Food Court. Time: Thursdays at 4 p.m.  

Muse-ical English Major: Part 2

Last week I interviewed Collin Hancock before his performance at the PCAL Fall Festival. I recently caught up with Collin again to speak about his musical pursuits. Jacky Killian: What compels you to write music? Collin Hancock: It feels good to have a finished product. I mean, songwriting is incredibly frustrating, and I feel like I waste a lot of
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Interview with Bradley Englert: Part 1

Bradley Englert is a recent graduate from WKU. Since his graduation, Bradley has obtained an internship with Ace Publishing and relocated to New York City. He also works with the Maria Cavaninis Agency. Bradley has been a busy man, and I want to first thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions.  Jacky Killian:
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Dr. David Bell’s Q & A Session from Oct. 7

Want some writing advice from a local professor and author? Here’s a little bit of Dr. David Bell’s question and answer session from his reading at the Rob Kirby Library on October the 7th. To view his reading, click these links. Part 1: Part 2:

Dr. Bell’s The Forgotten Girl Reading: part 2

This is second half of Dr. Bell’s reading from his new book The Forgotten Girl. To watch the first part, click here. For the Q and A Session, click here: