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Science Fiction and Suspense at the Kentucky Writers Conference

A collaborative post between Andria Nealis and Tiffany Hughes. The Southern Kentucky Writers Conference and Bookfest is one of the largest annual literary events. It hosts thousands of potential writers each April. This past Bookfest was held Friday and Saturday, April 25 & 26. During this event, there were several writing workshops on Friday, April 25th, where authors that had books available for
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Tomorrow–Grad School Workshop

If you think graduate school might be in your future, don’t forget about the “So You Think You Want to Go to Grad School” workshop! Join several of our department’s professors for a roundtable discussion about all your masters degree needs. The workshop is from 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Frank X Walker Poetry Workshop

On Saturday, March 1st, Kentucky’s current Poet Laureate, Frank X Walker, came to the Warren County Public Library to host a poetry workshop. This was a huge opportunity for English majors and English lovers alike. I took my seat among the others from various ages, places, and backgrounds in a room decorated in paper mache to listen to one of Kentucky’s most brilliant
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Serious About Applying to Graduate School Soon? Dr. Hale is Holding a Workshop for You!

Many of you have requested information about applying to graduate school, so our Department Head, Dr. Rob Hale has organized a workshop with Drs. Wes Berry, Tom Hunley, and Jeff Rice.  The workshop will be held Wednesday, November 20th at 3:00 p.m. and is designed for students who are in the process of applying or are seriously considering applying during
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Need Help with Registration and iCAP? Dr. McCaffrey is Here to Help!

On Friday, November 8th at 3:00 p.m. Dr. Molly McCaffrey will be holding a registration and iCAP workshop for students in Cherry Hall 102. This workshop is for students who are not used to using iCAP or who have not registered for classes on their own; usually these are students who are new to WKU (freshmen and transfer students), but
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