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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 5

Something that always intrigues me about being an English Major, who loves romance writing, is: there are very little studies in romance writing. English Majors love to learn, but don’t always have the opportunity to. Everyone has that one saying we’ve all heard: “I’ve always wanted to learn (blank)…” But who has ever followed through with that statement? The time
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About Me: Tiffany Hughes

Greetings to all the English majors and minors out there! My name is Tiffany; I’m a sophomore majoring in professional writing and my minor is creative writing. I’m excited to be an editor for the blog this semester, though this is my first time blogging.To be honest, it is a relief that I can write my introduction rather than go
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WKU Herald Features Dr. David Bell in Today’s Issue

Our own Dr. David Bell, Associate Professor of English at WKU, was featured in today’s issue of the WKU Herald. His new book, Never Come Back, was the main topic of conversation. Check out the article here!         And check out Dr. Bell’s latest book on Amazon.  You can listen to his book and read it on
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