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A New Addition to WKU: MFA in Creative Writing

I met with Dr. Bell during his office hours to talk about the recent development of the MFA program. I expressed to him my surprise and told him how fast it all seemed to happened. “Oh, but it did, it really did,” he said. Dr. Bell is the director of the Creative Writing program at WKU, but this development was in
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Learning Lots with Mott

Jason Mott spoke here at WKU on Oct. 16th, 2014. He gives advice to students about first drafts.

Here comes a new blogger!!

Not necessarily a new blogger, but a new blog those of you who frequent tumblr may enjoy. The blog is run by the English department’s own Stephanie Tillman, who is teaching this semester at WKU. Her blog is currently in a state of limbo, but she has posted enough materials and prompts to inspire and motivate those who need
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Streamlines Undergraduate Conference Now Taking Submissions!

Conference submissions are now being taken for Streamlines: An Undergraduate Conference Celebrating Language, Literature, and Writing. Submit your abstract by October 22nd to be considered for a panel presentation! According to the attached flyer, “Streamlines is a collaborative effort among Clarke University, Loras College, and University of Dubuque to create unique opportunities for undergraduates to share scholarship and creativity.” Click
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Some Hopefully Helpful Advice

As a graduating senior this semester, I want to pass down some advice to incoming freshman and returning students alike. While this is no panacea for anyone, I hope you find the concepts listed and described in the break helpful.

How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 6

This is the last of the series of “How to Become a Romance Writer.” Sad, I know. But through this journey of writing we have learned several things about romance writing on the way: Step 1-Stick to Your Goal Each English Major, Romance writer or not, needs to stick to their goal. That goal may not be becoming a romance
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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 5

Something that always intrigues me about being an English Major, who loves romance writing, is: there are very little studies in romance writing. English Majors love to learn, but don’t always have the opportunity to. Everyone has that one saying we’ve all heard: “I’ve always wanted to learn (blank)…” But who has ever followed through with that statement? The time
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How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 4

Every writer, romance or not, has a writer they look up to and aspire to become (sometimes both financially and writing-wise). For me, that writer is J.R. Ward.

How to Become a Romance Writer: Step 3

I know that everyone aspires to be a romance writer, wait… maybe that’s just me. But if you do want to be a romance writer you have to read. I know, I know, it’s tedious and time consuming, but it has to be done. You can’t just write off into the sunset with a plot. There has to be a
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Get Your Free Copy of The 2014 Ashen Egg NOW in the English Office

Stop by the English office to get your free copy of The Ashen Egg Vol. 2 (2014) today! The second volume of The Ashen Egg is available FREE in the English office now. This yearly publication is edited by Dr. Alison Langdon, with the help of the editorial board, which consists of Drs. Lou-Ann Crouther, Jane Fife, Walker Rutledge, and Judith
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