Congrats, Lindsay Sainlor!

From Dale,

Dear All…

Those of you who remember a recent’ish graduate, Ms. Lindsay Sainlor, will be thrilled to hear that she has been awarded a fellowship to study creative nonfiction in the MFA Program at Emerson College (in Boston) and will be working on the renowned national literary
journal, Ploughshares. In her own inimitable words, “Indiana, Columbia College, and Hollins fell through, but thankfully Emerson decided to take a chance on a little girl from Kentucky.”

–kudos , Lindsay!

“Besondere Traume”

Dear All:
I know, I know, I haven’t a clue what “Besondere Traume” means,
but I do know that it is the title of a poem by our own intrepid world
traveler, Brooke Shafar, just accepted for publication in The Rectangle,
the literary journal of Sigma Tau Delta.
What a wonderful send-off to our recent graduate, who leaves this
Friday for a Fulbright year in Germany, after which she’ll return to
St. Louis to begin her doctoral studies at Washington University.
kudos and great good luck, Brooke!

P.S. My guess is that “Besondere Traume” is part of the local argot of
Brooke’s hometown of Taylorsville, Kentucky. But that’s only a guess.
Anybody more in the know than me?

RO(A)R: Rise Over Run Gala

From Dale,

Dear All…please mark your calendars for 7 pm on May 1 for the
FANTASTIC gala to be held in support of Rise Over Run–check out the attached news
release to see what I mean!

Good Afternoon Creativewriting-list!

My name is Monique Gooch and I am Rise Over Run’s PR Coordinator. We have scheduled an event for May 1st and would like for everyone to be
in attendance! I am attaching a press release with this e-mail.
Thank you so much for your support of ROR! Have a great day!

~Monique Gooch~
VP of Membership Services

Student Successes Spring So Sweet

This from Dale and Creative Writing
Dear All…
Oxford, Mississippi is fast becoming a sister city to our creative writing program! Three
years ago, some of you may remember, ALEX TAYLOR has just accepted a full fellowship to study
fiction in Ole Miss’s outstanding MFA Program; and now, just this week, TRAVIS MORRIS has
accepted a full fellowship to study poetry in the very same–highly competitive–MFA Program at
the University of Mississippi.
Way to go, Travis! May your poetry imbibe the cadences of the Delta Blues…

Kurt Vonnegut Dies at 84

This from Dale Rigby

Dear mourners…I’m forwarding the thoughts of distinquished WKU alum Aubrey Videtto, meditating on the recent death of Kurt Vonnegut.

The first Vonnegut book I read was in a 20th C. Lit class at the University of Louisville. We read Slaughterhouse-Five along with other incredible works – some were The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Handmaid’s Tale, Steppenwolf, and The Trial. The company of writers in that course would have made for an interesting dinner party, to say the least. And when the significance of the title of Vonnegut’s work dawned on me, while I savored the book jacket one afternoon prior to diving into its body, I had a shocking realization about words and literature.

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Alumni Everywhere Doing Well (No, this is not a headline from The Onion)

Another alum does good by doing well.

Dear Professor Schneider,

… I received my MA in English from WKU back in 1990. I then moved back to Calgary, Alberta with my wife, LuAnne (who completed her Master’s in Folklore at WKU in the same year). We then moved down to Carbondale (SIU, obviously), where I began work on my Ph.D. We moved back to Calgary, Alberta in 1998, and we have been living here since.

I (finally) completed my Ph.D. in May of 2004. I revised my dissertation for publication, and in fact my monograph (Dorothy Wordsworth’s Ecology) was published just last month by Routledge. I will be joining the faculty at Austin Peay State University (and I’ll bet you know where it is!) this fall as an Assistant Professor in the Languages and Literature department.

In any event, I ,obviously, don’t expect all of the above information to be included on the Alumni page, but I wanted to let someone know that we will be back in the area. We very much enjoyed our time in Bowling Green, and we are looking forward to living in the area again!

I am proud to have received my MA from WKU!

Take care!


Ken Cervelli

Michael Croley: Novel Progress

Alumnist Michael Croley is hard at work on a long project and will have a story, “Promises” appearing in the next issue of Narrative, which should come out in late April or early May. He will finish his MFA at the University of Memphis in May where Richard Bausch serves as his major professor.

Here is the link for Narrative Magazine.

Also, you can read his short piece, “Two Lives” here.

Michael Croley